Cast & Crew


Simone Young

Cast, Biography

Simone Young is an Australian conductor. She is currently chief conductor of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. She is considered one of the most important conductors of our time.


Janine Hosking


Janine Hosking is an Australian documantary film maker. She won a Walkley Award in 1997 for a Seven Network television report titled Tjandamurra, the story of Tjandamurra O’Shane.

Margie Bryant


Margie Bryant is Founding and Managing Director of Serendiity Productions, a media company with more than twenty years of producing premium factual content in Australian and international markets.


Georgie Black

Executive Producer

Georgie has worked as a barrister and in recent years, has turned her considerable tenacity, passion and brain power to her first love, The Arts. She spends her time as an Arts Patron, Impresario and Producer.

Cate Blanchett

Executive Producer

Cate Blanchett is an Australian actor. Regarded as one of the finest performers of her generation, she is known for her versatile work across independent films, blockbusters, and the stage.